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Now restoring BEATTY PUMPERS!

West Wind Windmills has been in the windmill restoration business for about 15 years. My speciality is the restoration of antique windmills. We have restored many different types of windmills and have the experience our customers can rely upon. Many people love restored windmills and want to have one on their property. Our customers realize the value of an antique windmill and understand that that value will only increase over time as this type of antique is getting harder and harder to find. They can be functional (pump water) or be just for show as a lovely landmark. An antique windmill can also be used for aeration of a water source. We have developed a unique method of aeration using an antique surface pump.


West Wind Windmills completely restores an antique windmill and we feel they are actually in new condition when we finish them. West Wind Windmills will buy, sell or trade windmills. We can also restore the antique windmill you already own, so that your friends and family can enjoy it’s original majestic beauty. Just email us of your interest and we can provide you with a reasonable quotation.


Westwindwindmills also sells brand new or reconditioned Aermotor Steel Windmills 8 or 10 ft. We can supply these windmills at a very reasonable price.


For more information contact us at 403-915-7388.





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